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Todd Orr's Horrific Account of How He Survived Two Grizzly Bear Attacks in One Day

This is surely the most riveting account of not one, but two separate grizzly bear attacks that you will ever hear, from the man who survived them.

This is simply incredible. There are few words that adequately describe the account by Todd Orr, the man who survived two separate grizzly bear attacks last year and lived to tell the tale.

You may recall Orr's riveting cellphone video of himself immediately following the attacks, wherein he gave a quick description of what happened and his wounds all while dripping with blood.

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It was an amazing video, not only for Orr's account but for his grit and seemingly wondrous ability to not go into shock at the carnage his body had just absorbed.

Well, here, several months later, he gives a detailed account of the maulings and precisely what he underwent at the teeth and claws of the sow grizzly that attacked him. It is an absolutely spellbinding story.

Orr sat down with Jason Matzinger to recount his experience, and what an incredible tale it is. Orr still suffers some residual damage from the attacks, but he is surprisingly nonplussed and practical about it all. Hell, you might even say he's fairly well unfazed by the experience, but that would be stretching it.

He does admit that he is a little concerned and extra wary when he heads into the woods now. But he holds no grudge against the bear that attacked him.

"Going back into bear country for my job, I'll be a little bit nervous...I'll make sure that I'm well prepared, and just paying attention," he says. "I don't resent her. I don't hate bears. I don't feel any differently. I still have a respect for them."

Orr sprayed the bear but admits that "Bear spray doesn't always work, but it's better than nothing."

"I think she was more aggressive than any bear I've ever seen." That may be the understatement of the year.

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