Antique Fishing Reels

Time for Show and Tell With Some Antique Fishing Reels

Did you own any of these old spinning reels?

Older fishing gear is like an old house. One can only imagine the stories some gear could tell if it could talk. Mine would probably say I was lying about all those monster fish that got away over the years, but I digress.

Today we have a video where YouTuber Dasfjkl shows some of his vintage fishing reels and tells a few stories behind them.

If you ever owned some of these old reels, you might find some find memories jogged as he talks about how he used these over the years.

These reels had some real wear and tear on them to show they were used often and probably, lovingly over the years. It was funny to hear him talk about how the Langley SpinFlo and how it would lock up anytime even a moderately-sized fish was on the other end. I think all of us have had a hand-me down reel like that at some point or another. A reel like that is going to be so much more meaningful if it belonged to your mom or dad.

The part where he talks about the now-closed tackle shop is very sad. Brick and mortar outdoor retailers have struggled quite a bit in recent years. There used to be an awesome non-chain tackle shop about 25 miles from me. They had a huge fish tank and a six-foot alligator a separate pen. My dad used to take my brother and I there all the time to see them. Sadly, they went out of business about five years ago due to declining sales.

Downer stories like that aside, can we also talk about how much reel design has changed over the years? Some of these reels are quite bulky and heavy-looking. It's amazing how companies have streamlined the internal gears and parts to make reels that are lighter and faster than ever before.

We hope you enjoyed this nice little trip down memory lane. It's just the type of distraction we could all use with the crazy news cycle right now!

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