YouTube: Dutch The Hooligan

Highly Organized Airsoft Battle Uses Top-Notch Gear

If you have yet to spend your tax return, be careful watching this video, your money may go to an airsoft gun.

It's a full on war, basically. When I was growing up, paintball guns were the big thing, and today, airsoft has taken over. Airsoft is a sport and a quite intense one. It is a battle of the grounds and if you have ever played Call of Duty or Halo in multiplayer mode, just picture that in real life.

Airsoft is usually a sport of two teams battling for the grounds. It works on an honor system, so trust and respect are huge parts of the sport. The honor system is used because often times, unlike paintball, you aren't able to see if you hit your mark. With that in mind, the players, who are respectful to the sport and not cheating will indicate a hit from an opponent.

This video shows an inside look at a player, Dutch, who has the YouTube Channel under Dutch the Hooligan. He shows us just what it's like in an intense battle of airsoft. Watch this video and you may find yourself changing your idea of where your tax return is going.

There are several different styles of airsoft. They range from Military Simulations (MilSim) to Close Quarter Battles and everything in between, including historical reenactments. Dutch shows us with some real cool footage and editing, adding sound effects of hit targets. The video, is a real life video game, but it's much more than a game.

Intense, fun and strategic is a great way to describe it. There are an array of courses or ranges that offer different scenarios and battles throughout the world. Airsoft guns have come a long ways and replicate real military style weaponry while shooting spherical, non-metallic pellets. Look for a course near you and attend, it could save you from spending hundreds or just be your next hobby.

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