This Under Armour Hunting Estate is All of Our Outdoor Dreams

Under Armour co-founder lists 7,000-acre hunting estate in Pennsylvania for $13.5 million.

I love my deer cabin. You love yours. Chances are, it's a simple, cozy structure, built or bought with practicality in mind. After all, the main event is the hunting, not the cabin. That is, unless you happened to be fueling your outdoor adventures from one of the largest estates in Pennsylvania.

Under Armour Co-Founder Kip Fulks listed the property and accompanying acreage last month in Elk County, Pennsylvania. The lodge itself was built in 1921 and sleeps up to 32 people, while the estate has more than 150 miles of private roads to access natural amenities like a lake, stocked bass pond, private ski slope and skeet and trap shooting areas.

Other buildings on the estate are an adjacent kitchen and dining facility with additional lodging, a ski chalet and an accessory building, according to the listing. There are hiking trails and, as for hunting, there are bears, deer and turkey on the property—which spans more than 7,000 acres.

Do you really need all (or any) of this stuff to have a great time in the woods? Of course not, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't take the keys if someone handed them to me.

The listing doesn't mention whether or not the estate comes with some free Under Armour gear, but with all those rooms, there's probably a forgotten box of swag somewhere, right?