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This Treasure Hunter Found 9 Rings Underwater with His Metal Detector

The great YouTuber DALLMYD scored big time with a recent underwater treasure hunt.

Ever lost a wedding ring or engagement ring in the ocean? You probably aren't alone, it's a pretty common misfortune.

One of our favorite YouTubers DALLMYD went on a trip to Hawaii, and you know he wasn't going to let all that gorgeous water go un-searched!

And what is it that he finds? You guessed it: all kinds of wedding rings and other jewelry underwater!

And hey, a five dollar bill for his troubles!

That's not the big draw from his haul, it's the wedding rings and other jewelry that totaled over $10,000! DALLMYD, or Jake, hasn't used that metal detector very much, but we're betting he's gonna use it a lot more now! And you probably want one, too!

The gold wedding rings he and his buddies tracked down are probably just the tip of the iceberg when you think about all the vacationers and beachgoers that used this beautiful Pacific Ocean beach. It's one of the world's most popular waterside places to be, so it was really just a matter of odds.

The video started off with a cool collection of footage from a dive spot the guys hit up, which really highlighted all the marine life this place is known for.

But it was the wedding bands that really stole the show!

You know the folks who got their rings back had to have been more than happy!



This Treasure Hunter Found 9 Rings Underwater with His Metal Detector