This Rough 'n' Tough Anker Bolder Flashlight is Half Off Right Now

The light you NEED to guide you through those late night excursions.

When you head out on your next camping trip, you want to make sure you have something that is extremely powerful and bright. The Anker Bolder LED Flashlight is packed with a bright light that can stretch far beyond the length of two football fields. This flashlight is great if you're exploring late at night or catch yourself lost, and it's on sale right now for 46 percent off, making it just $59.99.

Anker Bolder LC130 LED Flashlight


This flashlight is made of durable aluminum with an anti-slip coating so you can grip it fast and tight in the case of an emergency or in extreme conditions. As far as projection goes, this flashlight has a true 1300-lumen light output from 3 Cree LED's so it will guide you through hell and back. All you have to do is set it to high, medium, low, strobe, or SOS to get you through even the worst conditions.

This water resistant tool will last you up to six hours before needing a recharge, which is simple to do with the 1A adapter. A flashlight this simple is a must-have for your next outdoor adventure and it's so easy to pack, there's really no excuse. So take out the extra bag of peanuts and pack this rough-n-tough flashlight in your bag.