Deer Hunting Prank
YouTube: Wayne Spring

This Robo-Buck Might Be the Greatest Deer Hunting Prank Ever Pulled

Ever prank your deer hunting buddies?

If you have hunting buddies, you're bound to experience a hunting prank eventually. Some pranks are more elaborate than others.

Well, this Robo-Deer prank is the best you'll ever see. Apparently these guys had access to a robotic deer. You know, the kind that game wardens use to nab road poachers?

Well, these guys decided to use one to prank their hunting buddies into thinking they were about to get a shot on a buck with their bow. It turns out they have rigged a little extra surprise for just before they draw their bow. Watch this hysterical deer hunting prank you'll surely want to play on your buddies.

YouTuber Wayne Spring shared a video of a hunting prank like you've never seen before. With the help of a robotic buck deer, the victims find themselves stalking a fake! This is only after a big red stop sign shows that the deer they are stalking is a total phony.

Honestly, we're surprised we haven't seen some of the bigger hunting YouTubers try to prank their hunting buddies in this manner since then. Of course, we believe these decoys are on the expensive side, so maybe that's why we haven't seen more of this gag. However, it's a great idea that is sure to give a ton of laughs. To whoever can afford one, let the pranks and laughter commence!