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This Orvis Video Will Get You Fired Up for Trout Season

If you weren't already excited to hit the water and start fly fishing, this is exactly what you need.

Just because deer season is over doesn't mean there aren't reasons to get out of the house. Spring gobbler is just getting going, and it's just starting to get warm enough to get on the water. However, fly fishermen know the cold streams are calling now.

Orvis knows this, too, which is why they shared this epic video of a big brown trout going airborne in Vermont to tease the state trout season opener on April 13.

In the following clip, you'll see this trout leave the water five times in cinematic fashion, which is likely enough to get you to leave your office, throw on some waders and hit the water.

Watch the video below:

There's just something about watching a fish swim, fight and jump against the current of a swift stream that's hard to look away from.

Every fly fisherman dreams of seeing this on the end of their line when they start whipping a fly rod. Additionally, every fly fisherman hopes the trout on the other end of their rod is this big!

While trout season begins in mid-April, it's worth noting catch-and-release fishing is open to anglers in many Vermont streams year-round. Fishermen must immediately release the fish where they caught them, but it still offers a chance to hit the water now if you just can't wait.

And if you still need to gear up, Orvis of course has plenty of stuff to set you up right.

Where will your trout fishing trips be this year? What kind of fish do you hope to catch? Let us know!