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Building an AR? Great 35% Off Deal on Lower Receiver Parts by DPMS

Cut costs on your build with this well-reviewed parts package by DPMS Panther Arms.

For $39.99 you can have all the parts you need to assemble your AR-15 lower receiver, and all the parts are genuine, current-production, mil-spec parts, not pull-offs or direct-exchange surplus. It's a great start for anyone who wants to build a lower receiver.

DPMS AR - 15 Lower Parts Kit

rifle parts

This kit includes includes the following:

  • trigger spring
  • trigger pin
  • hammer spring
  • hammer pin
  • disconnector and spring
  • bolt catch
  • bolt catch plunger
  • bolt catch spring
  • bolt catch roll pin
  • selector
  • selector detent
  • selector detent spring
  • 2 takedown detents and springs
  • pivot pin
  • rear takedown pin
  • buffer retainer and spring
  • magazine catch
  • button and spring
  • screw and washer
  • trigger guard assembly
  • pin
  • hammer
  • trigger
  • pistol grip

Don't wait to purchase this kit. You never know when a steal like this will blow over.