This Might Be the Smartest Outdoor Product Released Lately, But You'll Find It at an Auto Shop

Since when does a stop at an auto shop get added to your outdoor prep? Since the GEOLANDAR X-AT showed up on the scene.

If there's one thing that could make a significant-enough impact on your outdoor adventures, what would you say it is?

Hunters and backcountry hikers swear by a good pair of boots, because if you don't take care of your feet you're going to pay the price. If that same idea is applied to your other mode of transportation (you know, your truck), then its tires that can make or break your efforts.

We think we've found a tire that can do it all and still stand up to the rough and tumble lifestyle of an outdoorsman that needs to go farther, longer, and deeper to call themselves satisfied.

Yokohama's new GEOLANDAR X-AT is an all-terrain tire that covers the highway mileage of your adventures just as well as the off-road treks that get you far into the wilderness.

The all-season tires have extreme grip but stay quiet on the road, and use specially-engineered shoulder blocks that provide strength and grip no matter how rugged the ride.

When other hunters or anglers are parking in the lot and hoofing it on foot, you're able to bring your mobile homebase with you, as long as you're within your rights and following the local regulations. Pack more supplies, extend your stay, and increase your chances of really enjoying yourself.

A truck or SUV owner who is confident in how far their vehicle will get them can get a leg up on the rest, and stop letting the journey get in the way of the destination. Are you going to say no to your buddy's invitation to Colorado for some backcountry fishing? Wouldn't an extra trip to scout your Texas deer hunting spot pay off during the summer?

Will an unreliable car ever be an excuse to not do something adventurous?

Not if you give the GEOLANDAR X-AT your consideration when it comes time for new tires. You've got nothing to lose, because Yokohama covers them with a 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If they don't work or you don't like them, you aren't on the hook.

Yokohama says you can conquer off-road terrain and maintain on-road comfortability at the same time. That's why we think a set of tires like the GEOLANDAR X-AT would make an important addition to the gear you use as a real outdoorsman or woman.