bit by snake
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Man Pays the Price After Tempting Snake

Don't mess with nature unless you're prepared to deal with the consequences. 

As a whole, nature is much more dangerous than we humans are; we found that out last week with this awesome humans vs. nature video.

So, if there's one thing you should remember when you are interacting with the wild, it's this: don't tempt nature. Apparently Cal, a "snake grabber" from Grabuone Outdoors, didn't get that memo and decided to tempt nature in a big way.

Watch the video below:

While Cal seems to have, at least initially, survived his close encounter with his fanged friend. But, for most of us who know better than to get this close to pretty much any wild animal, it's a great reminder of exactly why you don't tempt nature.

It will almost always come back to bite you, in one way or another.

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