hog hunting

This is Why We Hunt Hogs

Many love hog hunting, and this video from Team Radical is a prime example.

Hog hunting is growing. And it keeps growing, because the hog population keeps growing.

Sure, we love dropping pigs left and right, and if a hunter argued differently they would be lying. But this video is a prime example of why we hunt hogs, and this is because there is a TON of them. And if you farm or own land, you know the substantial damage they can cause to your property, so hunters coming in and doing what Team Radical did in this episode is a good deed for any land owner.

With the video ending with about 28 kills in the matter of a minute, it will leave you wanting to book your next hog hunt.

Thermal and night vision has opened a ton of new doors for hog hunting, and has given the hunter a great advantage. Proof in this video as well as many others on Youtube.

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Who wants some bacon?

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