This is the Best Striped Bass Fishing Video You Will Ever See, Period!

It is safe to say these kids just put serious striped bass fishing back on the map!

Lonely Osprey Productions put out this killer video showcasing what it is like to chase big striped bass on the fly. The film covers some history, a small backstory, and a whole lot of great fly fishing action.

View the video below to get the low down on what may be the best striped bass fishing video on the internet today!

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Got to give these guys some props for taking the time to put together this full length video. While the fishing action and cinematography was spot on, the film did its best raise awareness to the fact that the striper population needs our help.

Like the rest of our prized saltwater species it is time to step up and get involved in doing what we can to preserve this resource for the generations to come.

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