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This Is How You Hit a Target With a Pistol From 250 Yards

If you were ever wondering how someone can ding a target from such an impossible distance, here's your answer.

When it comes to long-range shooting, everyone talks a good game. Shooters will almost always exaggerate how far they can actually shoot or claim they're better with iron sights than with a scope. They'll swear up and down they've never missed a clay and that they don't need a high-power scope to shoot past that 300-yard mark.

Then there are those who take it to another level, making similar claims about using a handgun, sharing videos of remarkable shooting that simply doesn't seem possible.

The truth is it's not possible, which is why this particular shooter decided to show us what's really happening in each of these clips.

Watch the video below:

Not all American heroes wear capes. Not only was this hilarious, but it also showed us you can't trust everything you see on the internet. It isn't that hard to make something appear a certain way on camera, and this guy shows us just how easy it actually is.

That said, there are still guys like the Hickok45s of the world who can make some epic shots with a handgun and legitimately ding a target. But, even he isn't shooting from any 250 yards.

However, if you're watching this and want to prove you actually CAN shoot a handgun accurately from long distances, though, you should definitely send us some footage! Just make sure to give us a walk-around to prove you don't have any tricks up your sleeve!