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Here's Why the Innovative Wyndscent Should Be Added to Your Hunting Pack

Wyndscent from Fourth Arrow is a revolutionary technology at an affordable price to look into this offseason.

You are already thinking about November, aren't you? Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. That's why I know you need to continue reading, and finding out about a truly innovative product you, and every hunter, needs.

Scent control and attractants have always belonged in a weird category. Some swear by it, and some think it is nonsense. What we do know is that a whitetail's nose is almost impossible to beat, so any legitimate help is appreciated. Technology in the hunting market is also advancing rapidly, and the spot where these two worlds meet is symbolized by Wyndscent.

The Original Wydscent is unique and revolutionary. I got the chance to test one out throughout this past deer season and I have to say it is an extremely cool and effective product.


I personally like the product because it knocks out two birds with one stone. You are getting a continuous thermal/wind checker, while also continuously having a cover/attractant scent to help increase your odds against whitetails with some very innovative technology.

What is so revolutionary about it? 

Wyndscent says their vapors travel father and hold together longer than any other scent products on the shelves. The Wyndscent unit is reusable and refillable, so you are not buying more product throughout the year and replacing attractants after every off season. All you have to do is replenish the liquid scents in whatever scent you prefer for your hunt.

These three quick points explain why this product makes so much sense for a whitetail hunter:

1. Wyndscent is the first scent that constantly refreshes the attractant it uses. Traditionally, scents would start out strong, but lose their effective as time goes on.

Vapor isn't effected by gravity, meaning it will follow thermals and air currents no matter which way they're moving. That means your attractant ultimately has a longer reach.

3. The application of heat (which Wyndscent does to create the vapor) speeds up the scent molecules and allows them to travel further.

The three scents I ran this year were Suppression, Seduction, and Sanctuary.


Suppression is more of a cover scent that uses advanced oder elimination to allow your presence to be undetected. The Sanctuary is what it sounds like: It replicates the scent of a doe bedding area by using a unique blend of scents, creating a safe place and sense of calmness for the deer you are hunting. The Seduction scent is a highly concentrated doe estrus to help bring in the big bucks during the rut.

The Wyndscent comes with a remote so you can control the unit from a good distance away or up above in a treestand (like in the video below). That way, if deer are approaching and you don't want to spook them with vapors, you simply turn it off as long as you are within 40 yards.

I specifically remember the first hunt I went on with my Wyndscent unit this fall. It was a late November hunt, around Thanksgiving, which is usually when things really slow down in Illinois. I took my Wyndscent unit filled with Seduction out to the woods, hung it over a limb, and watched it puff the vapors on intervals all morning.

Now, I am not one to say a certain product will instantly lead you to you kill a deer, but what is usually a rather slow time for buck movement in Illinois produced one of my most eventful hunts of the year. I think many products together will help your chances, but so many factors have to come into play to get big bucks in range.

Nonetheless, I saw six different bucks on that late November hunt, and one was a target buck of mine. I got to full draw that morning, aiming at him, but I didn't have a great shot opportunity.

Unfortunately I never got to release an arrow, but the morning was alive. One of the younger bucks even came up and sniffed the unit. That means I have visual proof the scents do work. The rechargeable battery can last up to 40 hours on a single charge, and the unit is water resistant and durable enough to outlast any conditions you will face hunting.

Final Thoughts

Will the Wyndscent unit be the sole purpose you kill a Booner next year? No. Will you not kill a buck because you don't own one? No. Gotta be honest, right?

But that is not what I am trying to say about this product; in reality it is incredible innovation. There's science behind it, and you will only help your chances this season if you use it.

Why not add an extra advantage to help you trick that mature buck this year? It's so small that it will fit right in your hunting pack without you even noticing it.


You can purchase the Original Wyndscent package here for $119, a very affordable price when you think of the amount of money you spend on scent-free detergent, shampoo, spray, scent attractant, and cover scents over the course of a few hunting seasons.

But really, the only way to know if Wyndscent is for you is to try it out. I challenge you to try it, and find any reasons it's not a worthwhile addition to your hunting supplies. Take the challenge, and you'll see what I mean.