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This Homemade Banjo-Style Instrument Uses a Fishing Reel to Pick Strings

We promise you've never seen an instrument like this.

OK, fellow anglers, have you ever found yourself scratching your head trying to find uses for your old fishing gear? Well, if you have, we might have the answer for you.

Here we have a guy who found a way to make a spinning fishing reel pluck the string of a homemade banjo-type of instrument. The instrument uses what looks like a tin coffee can as a resonator, a piece of wood equipped with frets and what sounds like one banjo string.

If you don't believe us, just check it out for yourself.

Watch the video below:

It's hard to tell exactly where that wood came from, but it looks like it's part of a frame for a desk or a table. Either way, it's incredible how much this guy was able to do with so little!

It'd be interesting to see what this instrument would sound like with four or five strings, too, wouldn't it? I suppose it'd be basically impossible, as there would be no way to play it without plucking all the strings at once, but I'm sure there's a way you could get more sound out of this thing.

However, even if you couldn't, it's worth noting that coffee can has a nice twangy sound to it! I feel like you could go in a lot of different directions after starting with this idea.

Props to this guy for using some serious innovation and putting old fishing equipment to good use! This is why you never trash anything from your old tackle box!