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Hamster's Great Escape Shows How Clever They Really Are

Ever feel trapped in a routine? Take a cue from this clever hamster and build a way out of that rut! 

Or in the case of this furry little rodent, build some steps and literally climb out of that cage. We all need a step ladder to reach those high-up places from time to time, and that's exactly what this little guy did.

Using his (or her) hamster hands to push and pull a little shelf from the corner of its cage, this tiny thing used all of its might to relocate the box to a spot just under the lid of the box, eventually pulling itself up and out of there in just about no time at all!

According to some of the comments found on the video, many people were disappointed to see such a smart little creature in such a cramped little space, and for good reason. When found in the wild, hamsters are actually known to run up to several miles in the course of one night, so limiting their availability to receive the proper amount of exercise can lead to an unhappy or unhealthy pet.

If you want to give your hamster the habitat of their dreams, check out this simple guide for making your hamster's home the envy of the block!

If you have a small pet that tends to wow with escape acts of its own, be sure to secure the latch of their cage door, or weigh it down with an item heavy enough to keep from being pushed up, but not so heavy that it could injure them or the structure of their home. If you do happen to be on the scene when your little one attempts a jailbreak of their own, though, keep uploading these videos, because we can't get enough of these cute hamster antics!

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This article was originally published January 6, 2017.

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