bow trick shots
YouTube: James Jean

This Guy Can Shoot Anything With a Bow, Including a Falling Drop of Water

This guy is undoubtedly the best archer to ever grace the internet.

The internet's one heck of a place. In its most modern era, the web allows anyone to post virtually anything they want, which opens the door for a jet stream of crap and toxic conversation.

However, on the rarest of occasions, you get lucky and stumble upon a diamond in the rough. And, James Jean is just that.

Jean is somewhat of a supernatural phenomenon, as he has the ability to make archery trick shots that seem humanly impossible. In fact, the first time I saw this video, I was genuinely convinced it was somehow staged or corrected with some advanced editing skills.

As the video continues, though, you quickly realize not only is this guy is actually for real, but he's truly a master of his craft.

Watch the video below:

Have you ever seen anyone shoot a bow like that? How were half of those shots possible? And, he was using traditional archery gear!

Imagine trying to shoot a moving object with a recurve bow. Now imagine shooting a smaller moving object flying through the air—like a bird, for example. Now shrink that down to a transparent drop of water falling from the sky. What? How?

Not hard enough? Try doing a 360-degree spin beforehand, then perfectly executing a double-bounce shot or effectively curving an arrow like you're Legolas making a guest appearance in one of "The Matrix" movies.

Come on, man. How is this possible? How many hours did Jean have to spend with a bow in his hand to harness these skills?

Even though his prowess behind the string of a bow is already hard to process, I still think it's time to up the stakes. I'd like to formally request a 360-spin, double-ramp, behind-the-back lung shot on a deer.