This Engraved Pocket Knife Will Make the Greatest Graduation Gift

Make it personal with a classic touch. 

It's easy to send off your grad knowing that they have this protective weapon. However, you can make it a little personal by engraving this special wood knife. You can carve in their name, their favorite quote, where they're going to college, or whatever you think they'll like! It's totally up to you to get creative with this awesome gift and it's only $12.95.

Closed Quality Wood Handle Knife

Like I have been raving about, when you get this knife, you also get the to opportunity to engrave it FOR FREE. This is going to make the perfect gift for anyone including your grad and they are sure to use it all the time. They can clip it to a belt or leave it chilling in a pocket.

Either way you cut it, this knife is a great parting gift for you and your grad.