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This Boater Just Realized His Boat Trailer is Still Attached

boat trailer

From the what's-wrong-with-this-picture department: a boater looked down at the water only to find his boat trailer was still with him.

Honestly, if we only knew the language spoken here, we might get a quick answer to the question plaguing us all: how do you get so far from the boat launch without knowing that you never took your boat off of the trailer?

There may be two possibilities here: one is that he did it on purpose, but why would anyone ever do that? The other reason could stem from that big bottle of strong, European beer on the dashboard.

It's a good time to remind everyone that drinking and boating don't go together!

In any event, there can be no doubt that the trailer the boat came to the boat on is now traveling with them wherever they are going. It's just that the boat is in the river, and the outboard motor is chugging away.

Don't ever let this happen to you:

do not drink before fishing!

Posted by Alex Buynevich on Monday, September 30, 2019

How is it even possible to have this happen without knowing it? Well, we've seen some crazy stuff before and it's even possible to forget your boat trailer is attached. Alcohol might have played a role in two ways: the boater was inebriated and forgot it was attached, or he was plastered and just didn't care.

In any case, the boat was moving, it was just making that little outboard work a whole lot harder. Maybe he finally realized what was happening when he tripped over the strap holding it to the back of the boat.

How many of you have witnessed a goof up of this magnitude? It happens, and sometimes all we can do it laugh.

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This Boater Just Realized His Boat Trailer is Still Attached