This AMS Bowfishing Kit Takes it to the Next Level

It's new and it sure is smooth.

Trust me, you want to be the first to have this cutting-edge AMS Bowfishing Eddy Bowfishing Kit. It's got all the bells and whistles and it's only $499.99.

AMS Bowfishing Eddy™ Bowfishing Kit

bow kit


With a draw length of up to 30 degrees, this AMS Bowfishing Kit has the smooth draw you want with a lightweight capability to help you succeed in the hunt for all kinds of game fish. The dual limb bolt pullers assist in making arrow retrieval easy. This bow kit is what you want the next time you're out bowfishing.

This kit includes a 610 AMS Retriever Reel, 35 years of 350-lb. braided Spectra line, AMS Tidal Wave arrow rest, orange String Things silencers, and an orange scale pattern fiberglass arrow with Chaos Point and Cyclone Tip.

If you're wanting to raise the bar on your bowfishing, this is the bow kit that is sure to do it for you.