survivor filter

Hey, Hunters, the Survivor Filter is on Sale via Amazon Gold Box

Amazon Gold Box deals offer outdoorsmen some great gifts, like this sweet water filter system.

If you're a back-country, wilderness, or mountain hunter, you know that one of the keys to being at your best is staying hydrated. That's often easier said than done in these unfamiliar areas. Water sources can be scarce. Worse yet, the quality of the water is often questionable at best. To combat this, most hunters carry some sort of filtration device or bottle in their packs. Well, this Amazon Gold Box offer might just be the water filtration system you've been waiting for.

The Survivor Filter Pro, available here, is a high tech water filtration system in a small package. The system uses a triple filtration process to eliminate bacteria and micro-organisms to the .01 micron.

The system can filter up to 17 oz of purified water per minute. Pretty impressive for a system as compact as the Survivor Pro. The package tips the scale at only 1.1 lbs and measures 6.5" at its largest point. Consider the lifetime warranty and you're talking about a serious offer.

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