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This Amazing Seafood Processing Line Video Will Blow You Away

There's something oddly satisfying about watching fish go through a processing line.

I remember the first time I cleaned a blue catfish. At first, it was kind of gross, as it was similar to watching someone clean a deer. It takes a minute to normalize blood and guts, no matter what kind of meat you're working with.

However, similar to my first deer-gutting experience, I was amazed at the beautiful, fresh meat that could come out of such a messy operation.

Perhaps that's why it's so weirdly satisfying to watch fish go through such an efficient cleaning process.

Watch the video below:

Maybe the coolest part of this video compilation is the especially wide variety of fish. We get to see these workers clean fish of just about every size, and they take a completely different approach to each.

However, it goes a heck of a lot faster with filleting and processing equipment than it does on my tailgate in the middle of the night!

Similar to my own, small-time fish-cleaning operation, however, you still get the satisfaction of seeing clean, flawless fish fillets. But I can safely say I've never cleaned anything that looks as good as those tuna fillets.

I personally find some satisfaction in the cleaning process of fishing, and would feel a tad shortchanged if I didn't clean them on my own. Although, when you have a really good day on the water, the task of cleaning that many fish can be particularly daunting, in which case an efficient operation would be very convenient.

Have you ever caught so many fish that you wish you could send them to a place like this? Let us know!