12 Gauge Gatling Gun

This 12-Gauge Gatling Gun Will Leave You Drooling

Sometimes we find something too awesome not to share.

In this case, it's a 12-gauge gatling gun.

American inventor Richard Gatling had an idea of a quick-firing weapon way back in 1861. The Union troops used this concept during the American Civil War and fired large-rifle-caliber projectiles at an unbelievable rate.

If you don't believe us, just watch the clip below:

The incredible and lethal Gatling Gun was really the predecessor to the modern machine gun. The new weapon also led way to the invention of the Minigun about a century later.

And now, in a video "Made Smith's Enterprises, LLC" posted on Facebook, we this famous, hand-cranked weapon with a few modifications. Yes, this model really will crank out 12-gauge shotgun shells at an incredible rate. Wouldn't this be perfect for vermin out on the ranch? With a high rate of fire and this kind of firepower, you could mount this to an all-terrain vehicle and light up any target.

I think we'll need bigger gun cabinets for this one, though.

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