hunting kit

This 10-Piece Dead Down Wind Deer Hunter's Kit is Unbelievably Inexpensive

Don't bother with anything else. 

If you're looking for something to mask your body odor on your next hunting trip, you need to pay attention to this. The Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit keeps you odorless on the hunt for just $12.95. This is one of the best value kits that combines multiple amazing odor eliminating products for such a low price.

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit (10 Piece)
hunting kit

This kit includes laundry detergent, field spray and refill, face paint, soap and travel case, and lip balm. It really does have everything you need and even better, the products are skin safe. There are no harsh chemicals so your skin is protected and you can do your best while out on the hunt.

Don't step into hunting season using anything other than this affordable kit. Once you use Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit, you won't bother with anything else.