Think This Hammerhead is Huge? Check Out Tiger Shark They Caught

These Australia shark fishermen are bad to the bone! 

Not too many people have fishing for sharks as a favorite pastime. With all the sport fishing taking place around the world, sharks seem to have fallen under the radar. But not for long!

The official report on 9 News Perth said these two monster sharks had been caught and released in Carnarvon, Australia. In recent years, plenty of monster hammerheads have been caught right off of popular beaches.


Now, this tiger shark, on the other hand, is an absolute gem. The tiger shark is a shark species that not to many people want to get close to. However, this fishermen clearly doesn't mind striking up a pose next to his trophy.


I think most would agree that the markings on this tiger are second to none!

Both of these monster were caught and released in a healthy and respectful manner as to not cause any harm to them. Both fish are photographed with their gills still in the water to ensure they can still get oxygen as the photo sessions were taking place.

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