Things to Know Before Adopting a Retired Greyhound

Is the Greyhound breed your fave? Are you looking at retired Greyhounds and have questions about whether they're a good fit for your family? I love hounds so living with a Greyhound has always been on our list of dogs we'd consider adopting.

Let's start with their history as we all know they were used to hunt!

Historically, Greyhounds have been used as hunters due to their great speed- they are the fastest breed of dog, reaching top speeds of over 40 miles per hour - and keen eyesight. Spanish explorers brought Greyhounds to America in the 1500s for this very purpose. With that in mind, the end of an era is around the corner with Amendment 13 and racetracks are closing leaving many Greyhounds homeless. 

The Committee to Protect Dogs called Amendment 13, which was approved by 69 percent of voters, "a knockout blow to a cruel industry that has been hurting and killing dogs for nearly a century." Florida hosts 11 of the 17 active dog tracks in the United States, but the industry will be shattered in the state by January 2021, meaning some 6,000 dogs will need new homes.

For those of you still researching the breed, Amendment 13 is designed to prohibit pari-mutuel (a type of betting pool) operations from racing greyhounds or any other dogs for wagering beginning on January 1, 2021. The measure was also designed to prohibit persons in the state from wagering on the outcome of live dog races occurring in the state.

So as a result of this new law, 6,000 Greyhounds need homes so let's talk about what you should consider before you bring one into your home. Always consider fostering too as this is a short-term commitment and provides an opportunity to get to know the breed.

How old are they after leaving the racetrack?

Remember that different dogs have different personalities and needs. The Greyhounds that are right off the racing track are anywhere from 2-7 years old. And the moms are awesome! They're super happy and used to taking care of puppies and putting up with a lot of crap from their litter. Consider a mom for adoption! 

What's the commitment look like?

Although retired Greyhounds do require daily exercise, they require much less than what a higher-energy breed does. Greyhounds are sighthounds, meaning that they are bred to chase small animals, so when outside, they should be kept leashed unless in a completely enclosed area, such as a fenced yard or dog park. 

What Greyhound organizations are a good resource?

There are many Greyhound rescue organizations but one that's a wonderful resource with a huge foster network is Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest. They have an amazing foster group of more than 30 homes currently but we always need fosters and monetary donations.

They encourage fostering this breed.

"Our fosters teach the dogs how to do "every day" activities like walk in a house and how to use stairs. Some of the elderly dogs or dogs with medical issues will have permanent fosters rather than adopting them out."

Greyhound adoption is going to be on all of our radars soon. These retired racers need the right home and there are wonderful adoption groups already looking for foster homes for these ex-racers. This is a fabulous dog breed to consider for your family.

Are you interested in adopting a Greyhound? Please leave us a comment below! 

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