They Had to Remove 45 Snakes From Under a Texas House, and You Can Watch the Whole Thing

Good golly, this is not the sort of thing you want to encounter when you look underneath your house.

A homeowner who lives near Abilene, Texas decided to take a look under his house after some high winds caused his cable connection to go on the fritz.

We're pretty sure his eyes are still down there, because they likely popped out of his head when he saw how many rattlesnakes were hanging out beneath his humble abode.

The crew that showed up to take care of the situation was wise enough to video record as much as they could, and we're now the lucky audience of an 18-minute session of crazy-intense rattlesnake removal.

The video comes from the YouTube page of the Dallas-Fort Worth CBS affiliate, but we aren't sure who the brave men doing the dirty work are. Whoever they may be, they deserve a beer or two after that!

Texas is obviously home to a variety of venomous snakes, but the rattler easily has the edge in creepiness for a lot of folks. The eerie sound of the rattle has been heard by many while traversing through the Texas wilderness, and more and more often we're finding them encroaching on our space.

Or rather, we've encroached on theirs, because they were clearly here first. Coexistence with dangerous animals like these isn't too uncommon in a lot of the United States, but this incident is a little too close to home. Literally...