spider eats snake
Facebook: Robyn McLennan via Brisbane Snake Catchers

These Photos of a Redback Spider Eating a Snake Will Make You Shiver

We've all seen snakes eat prey larger than them, but what about a spider eating a snake?

Australia has garnered a reputation for housing some of the most frightening wildlife on the planet, and these photos only further prove that notion to be true.

Earlier this week, Robyn McLennan, of Victoria, stumbled upon quite the scene at a local winery when she saw a redback spider eating a young eastern brown snake.

She took the opportunity to capture some photos of the spectacle, which she would later share on Facebook.

In the photos, you can see the redback suspending from a web and lifting the snake in mid-air, which is one of the more common ways they hunt. They'll use their webs to build something of a trap and then bite them from underneath.

It isn't out of character for a redback to go after a reptile larger than itself, but this snake is certainly big enough to make anyone double-take.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hand't seen it myself," McLennan told News Corp Australia.

So far, the photos have completely shocked the internet, although Australians probably aren't all that fazed.

You probably notice this spider's appearance resembles that of a black widow. The two are actually pretty closely related, although the redback is significantly more venomous than its North American cousin.

Additionally, it's known for preferring to live in areas with built structure, which is why they're responsible for a large number of Australia's spider bites. On the bright side, however, they're been an antivenin to treat redback bites since the 1950s.