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These Guys Took 2 Kids with Serious Illnesses on the Elk Hunt of a Lifetime in Idaho

These Guys Took 2 Kids With Serious Illnesses On An Elk Hunt Of A Lifetime In Idaho

Instead of going to Disney Land, some terminally ill kids want to go on the elk hunt of a lifetime. These guys made that dream come true for two young boys.

In 2016, world renowned elk caller Corey Jacobsen and some of his friends in Idaho sponsored Harrison (eight years old from Pennsylvania) and Alex (ten years old from Ohio) on the elk hunt of a lifetime. Harrison suffers from leukemia and Alex has type 1 diabetes.

The Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation facilitated this incredible elk hunt for both boys and Cabela's chipped in to outfit them with the necessary gear. After meeting both boys and their fathers at the airport in Boise, Corey and his friends handled the nitty gritty details out in the woods by providing their expertise, scouting, calling, and even going as far as to carry those boys on their backs during the actual hunt.

Watch the video to see how it all went down. It's a pretty inspiring story.

Great work guys! Judging by those big smiles, it looks like those boys really did have an unforgettable elk hunt.

To make a donation or volunteer your time for the Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation, visit their web site.

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These Guys Took 2 Kids with Serious Illnesses on the Elk Hunt of a Lifetime in Idaho