reactive targets

These 6 Reactive Targets Will Bring the Fun Back to Plinking

Shooting at regular paper targets can get boring quick.

Why not shoot reactive targets instead? It'll break up the monotony that sometimes arises when you've devoted enough time to a shooting range.

We've unearthed six reactive targets that are anything but boring.

1. Guide Gear Steel Auto Reset and Spinner Shooting Targets

These kinds of steel targets are a sure way of knowing when you hit, and a nice dose of encouragement at the moment of impact. Spinning and auto-reset targets are great for friendly competitions as well as teaching opportunities; there aren't many better ways to learn the fundamentals of marksmanship. These will provide many hours of .22 long rifle enjoyment.

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2. Challenge Targets 10" Steel Handgun Target

Steel plate targets allow shooters a quick reactive hard target. This steel handgun target is rated for all non-magnum handguns, and will work wonders on your shooting endurance and consistency.

3. AR500 8" Round Steel Plate Shooting Targets

Nothing says tough like an AR500 Steel Plate Target. This is a 100-yard target for rifles with velocities under 3,000 feet per second, and 15 yards for pistol calibers.

4. Tannerite Single Exploding Extreme Range Target

Tannerite is well known for putting on a huge show when hit by a bullet. This ultra-fun mix will wake everyone up at your backyard range. Just be sure to use under caution, and only execute those wild explosions when you're 100% sure it's safe to do so.

5. Tannerite White Lightning Rimfire Targets

If you're a rimfire shooter, these smaller Tannerite targets are a perfect replacement, and produce a slightly smaller boom. You'll never wonder again if you hit the target or not...

6. IPSC Harmonic Steel Handgun Shooting Target

How about a steel handgun target that makes different audible sounds when hit in different areas? It's a big part of the appeal with this incredible target. Get out there and make some music!