These 5 Hunting Knives Will Serve You Well

For the hunter knives are as important as his game harvesting weapon. 

Without the sharpest of implements, game cannot be cleaned and prepared for the table. There's no way you can enter the hunting woods without a trusty knife.

These five hunting knives will be at the hunter's side ready to dress any game they harvest.

1. Puma SGB Alaskan Delrin Fixed Blade Knife

When dressing out big game, a serious knife with chopping ability will speed up the process. The above knife with a 5.25" fixed blade will certainly become a well used hunting knife for years to come.

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2. Buffalo Horn Damascus Hunting Knife

When you want to stand out at deer camp, sport this beautiful Damascus blade hunting knife. The 4" clip point blade and the buffalo horn handle accentuate a superb hunting knife.

3. Falcon Fixed-Blade Hunting Knives, 4 Pack

When you want to get the job done and don't care about being fancy, this multi-pack of hunting knives will take care of you. We like the gut hook blade, they're the best for "unzipping" the hide or belly of your game animal.

4. Browning DIY Butcher Knife Kit

When processing your own big game from top to bottom, one knife might not do all jobs. Better have a dedicated butcher knife kit that takes care of all your cutting needs.

5. Condor Hudson Bay Knife

When you need the biggest hunting knife to strap on your belt for cleaning giant moose, bushwacking, and fighting off rabid bears better pack this 8.5" bladed cutting beast. The spirit of the mountain man lives strong in this big knife.