These 5 Best Selling Handguns From Bond Arms Are the Epitome of Compact Protection

Looking for an American-made self-defense gun? Bond Arms has plenty to choose from.

In the personal protection arena, there's no lack of options for guns that can get the job done. That means you can start to get particular with your choices, and narrow down your list of firearms you'll give consideration with just a little research.

We wanted to help you continue to narrow it down, and a great way to do that is to direct your attention to five of the best selling pistols from Bond Arms. They're a Texas-based company that has researched, developed, and manufactured their personal protection guns in the Lone Star State since 1995.

The exceptionally cool thing about Bond Arms is their patented interchangeable barrel system, which allows you to customize your choice and give you the versatility you never thought possible in such compact firearms.

If you haven't heard of Bond Arms until now, consider yourself informed.

1. Texas Defender

There's no better place to start than the Texas Defender. It has a three-inch stainless steel double-barrel and frame, and weighs only 20 ounces in .45 caliber. At 5 inches long and 3.5 inches tall, it's the epitome of a true pocket pistol. You can get it chambered for .45 Colt or 2.5" .410 shot shells, or else go with the .357 Mag/.38 Special combo. Either way, you're well-equipped with a compact but powerful handgun.

2 . Snake Slayer

If you've ever hunted in the great state of Texas, or are planning to head down for a trip sometime soon, you ought to be familiar with the need for snake protection. The Snake Slayer lives up to its name, and is ideal for entering the woods, prairies, or water bodies that seem to have the best outdoor experiences, but also double as perfect serpent territory. The retracting firing pins and cross-bolt safety make it a great, reliable weapon against anything, but particularly snakes. It's chambered to fire both .357 Mag and .38 Special rounds, but it's also available in .45 Colt/.410.

3. Bullpup 9

This might be the most universal of the five, and the Bullpup 9 has already earned a ton of recognition as a fantastic self-defense carry gun. The engraved rosewood grips make it look incredible, but the accuracy and performance from such a small statured gun is what sets it apart. A 3.35-inch barrel certainly doesn't seem like it would encourage accuracy, but you'll be surprised.

4. Backup

The name "Backup" is a misnomer for this one, because there's no reason it shouldn't take a front row seat in you're in need of a reliable and sweet-looking derringer-style gun. The rubber grips help hang on to the 2.5-inch barreled, 19-ounce handgun, making it one of the smallest pistols to pack this much of a punch. You can get it in 9mm or .45 ACP.

5. Ranger II

The last of the list is the Ranger II, a double-barrel pistol with an automatic spent casing extractor and a spring-loaded, cammed locking lever. It's the longest of the bunch at 6.25 inches, but that's still plenty small enough to carry concealed. Plus, it's got some great visual appeal with the extended black ash grips and the Texas-centric metal star badge.

That barely scratches the surface of all the guns that Bond Arms offers up, but it's a great list to start with. If you want to see more, there are plenty of places to check them out, including their YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

And when the time comes to pull the trigger on a new purchase, you'll be that much more informed on what's available.

Which one catches your eye the most?