The X-Sight LTV Day/Night Digital Scope: The Cutting Edge Optic That Has It All

This new optic from ATN can give some of the most crisp, vivid images day or night. Check out the X-Sight LTV Day/Night Digital Scope.

By now we've realized there's an expectation in our firearms and shooting gear. If it doesn't do certain things with the same quality as the next competitor, or even just as well, we're forced to decide and settle for the features we know we need.

ATN's new X-Sight LTV Day/Night Digital Scope makes settling no longer a worry, because it has basically every attribute a digital optic can, all in one lightweight, easy to mount and simple to use format.

What's most impressive is the price point ATN has managed to set the X-Sight LTV at, because for either $599 (for the 3-9x) or $679 (for the 5-15x), you're going to own what we're touting as the most capable scope, dollar for dollar, on the market today.

ATN knows they have to release optics that can reach the high standard they've already set, which is why they're using a QHD+ (2688X1944 PX) Sensor with full HD optics to create the foundation of a quality product and experience.

The night vision mode is unprecedented, and the ultra-low power consumption of the new revolutionary ATN Obsidian LT Core allows for 10+ hours of continuous use. That's nearly unheard of, and there's no lag or loss of function as the battery runs down.

The X-Sight LTV can record 720p video and do so while withstanding the toughest recoil from the biggest calibers just about any rifle can kick out.

If you're worried about the technical operation of a digital scope or concerned about mounting it properly, we can reassure you. The X-Sight LTV uses the same standard 30mm rings most scopes require and has a simple push-button functionality. It's intuitive and easy, even in pitch-black darkness.

The abilities of the X-Sight LTV allow for a one-shot zero, giving you the truest sense of what your firearm can actually do. You'll save time and money sighting in while you prepare for a hunting trip, then be able to accomplish shots with confidence during the daylight hours and well into the night.

All this is achievable with one scope, the ATN X-Sight LTV, which offers the kind of vivid, crisp clarity you'd expect from optics for twice the price.

The scopes are already available and shipping out regularly from ATN's facilities, and they're proving to perform as advertised. Ready to see for yourself?