fagnus revolver

The Strange Old Handgun with a Weird Name: The Fagnus Revolver

The Fagnus Revolver is very unlike any handgun you've ever witnessed before.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons got a chance to handle one of these historical weapons. Learn all about the handgun called the Fagnus Revolver.

Well, this revolver is a strange one. Named the Fagnus Revolver (pronounced fa-new) after it's maker, this revolver looks like a yoga class gone wrong. It hinges upward for loading and unloading black powder cartridges.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons explains the strange action .450 caliber revolver. A lever along the trigger guard allows the large caliber revolver to open for loading or unloading. The action with practice would be quite quick from this double action revolver. The sights though are almost non-existent.

Once again Ian from Forgotten Weapons found quite an odd historical weapon that has been lost to the ages. Special thanks to Ian for sharing this historical weapon and his knowledge of it.