The Slide-Mount System You've Always Wanted for Your Treestand

Tree Stand Buddy has figured it out, and every stand hunter is going to appreciate it.

Hang on treestands have erupted in popularity. Every brand in every corner of the market tries to come up with ways to make things easier, more efficient, and ultimately safe.

But there hasn't been an all-encompassing, universal system that takes care of every bit of that, and Tree Stand Buddy knew they had an opportunity.

To understand why the Tree Stand Buddy system is such and advantageous approach to stand hunting, we thought we'd inform those who weren't in-the-know about four big keys:

1. No more climbing

Believe it or not, Tree Stand Buddy eliminates the need to climb a tree while carrying your treestand, a nerve-wracking step in the process that has led to more than its share of falls and injuries.

2. It isn't permanent

Most treestands that are available these days present a bit of a conundrum: You aren't always able to leave the stand behind if you're hunting public land or wanting to switch locations, and if you do want to move it, there's going to be several steps involved.

You aren't always able to deconstruct a hanging stand quickly and quietly, but the Tree Stand Buddy system makes it possible.

3. It's so simple

Seriously, the slide-mount system gives new meaning to "ease-of-use," and you're going to wonder why no one thought of it sooner.

Get a better idea of how it works by watching this quick video:

4. The Safety Factor

Many hunters would agree that there is no better or safer way to hang treestands. They feel more secure, confident, and assured that they won't risk theft, injury, or worse.

There's a real opportunity here for you to try a legitimate product that's improving the way we hunt, one stand at a time. has a shop, testimonials, and plenty more.