The Rundown of Berkley's Just-Released Topwater Lures

Get up to speed with the new Berkley topwater lures that are finding their way into tackle boxes across the country.

What's your favorite style of fishing?

If you said topwater, you're not alone. There's nothing quite like visually seeing a fish take a bait, and when the big blowups happen, you're reminded why angling is one of the great things in life.

If you want some new, fish-enticing topwater baits to add to your arsenal, Berkley has a full lineup of new lures for 2018-19 that were just released for sale. Each utilizes the latest research and development from Berkley team, and they're all vouched for by Bassmaster Elite Series angler Justin Lucas and Forrest Wood Cup Champion Scott Suggs.

In fact, they had some direct design input on the baits, which should be enough to persuade anyone that they're worth it.

Each of these range in price from $6.99 to $9.99, and they are all available at Berkley's website or fishing departments in retail stores just about anywhere. A few come in different sizes, and all are available in a strong lineup of Berkley-exclusive colors and patterns.

If you want to confidence in what you're throwing, you can rest assured that these new Berkley topwater lures are going to give it to you.

1. J-Walker

The J-Walker is a bait you can use almost anywhere: around shallow cover, submerged grass, or across deep water points. The tail weighted design and sleek shape makes this the dog you'll want to walk, every time.

2. Bullet Pop

A popper isn't necessarily a new thing, but Berkley's put a lot of thought into this one. Even a beginner angler will find it easy to walk, with nearly 180-degree turns simple to achieve.

3. Cane Walker

If you want surface disturbance, the Cane Walker is for you. Call them up from the depths or make a long casts other topwater lures can't manage, thanks to the heavy tail weight.

4. Highjacker

When you encounter a school that's aggressively feeding, the hydrodynamic shape of this new bait is just the thing. Justin Lucas is on record calling the Highjacker a great bait for presenting a different action and profile to highly pressured fish.

5. Drift Walker

Walking the dog is made easier if the bait is slim and long, and if you need a finessed presentation, this one will do the job. When the waters are calm, the Drift Walker and its three sharp Fusion19 hooks is going to stick to anything that bites.

6. Choppo

Most anglers are probably aware of the rise in popularity of these types of prop baits, but the Choppo takes it a few steps farther. The durable tail propeller won't melt in your tackle box, and has an enhanced surface area that provides more sound and spray.

7. Wakebull

The new Wakebull uses the popular Berkley Squarebull body, but adds a shallow, pitched bill and impressive tail wagging action. It provides a tempting amount of surface action at any speed.

8. Surge Shad

No secret here; fish eat shad, and they'll definitely eat this bait. It's versatile, too. You can steadily reel it, twitch it, or give it a few jerks to drive them wild.

9. Surge Shad Jointed

Capitalizing on the Surge Shad design, this jointed version exaggerates the wobble and is louder and more aggressive than it's non-jointed counterpart.

10. Spin Rocket

If one prop is good, two is even better. The Spin Rocket has two clear plastic props that feature a cupped design with an enhanced surface area. That translates to more spin at slower speeds and maximum spray.

11. Spin Bomb

Berkley keeps it spinning with this major commotion-maker. If you're in a shallow area where bass are feeding on bluegill, the Spin Bomb is the go-to.

Ready to tie one of these on? Interested in trying out a few? Then is the place to go.