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The Primary Arms GLx 30mm Cantilever Mount Takes on the West Texas Test

primary arms

We got to check out the Primary Arms GLx 30mm Cantilever Mount, creating an optimal combo of scope and mount for a hog hunt and more. 

We've all been there. You finally order the scope you've been saving for and realize you have no way to mount it. Then once you start shopping around for the missing puzzle pieces, you get lost in a mess of variations and struggle to find the best option.

I recently came across an offering that put my anxiety at ease. Primary Arms has released a new line of scope mounts that work great for your optic rails, plain and simple.

I received the GLx 30mm Cantilever Mount, and topped it off with the GLx 4-16x50 rifle scope. I then took my 7.62x39 custom AR rifle out on a hog hunting trip to West Texas for a thorough test.

Made in the USA

I'd never used a canted optic mount, but I knew what I was in for. The design allows for more freedom when it comes to eye relief, and I was thankful I could give myself plenty of space. All told, I figured I could get the scope I was using about two full inches farther forward than other, alternative mounts.

As a native Texan, I couldn't help but appreciate the fact that each of these products were engineered in Houston, Texas, from start to finish. That's not to say foreign-made gear can't be high quality, but I like to think you're getting a good product when it's made in the States.

What really makes the difference is the lifetime warranty Primary Arms offers. I know that if I ever have an issue, I can trust that it will be taken care of.

Right off the bat, before even peering through the glass, I was in favor of this scope mount and scope combination.


primary arms

It's easy to defer to this feature up front, but the weight, or lack thereof, in this optic combo was ideal.

Texas hog hunts can change at any moment, so having a setup you can maneuver in a ground blind or on the trail is imperative to making an ethical shot. Weight is always a factor I hold in high importance with my AR setups, and the GLx 30mm Cantilever Mounts are only 6.5 ounces. Numbers aside, you can actually feel the difference.

The skeletonized 4-screw cap rings don't just look cool, they serve weight-reducing purposes as well. 

Minimizing the added weight of a scope mount balances out my entire gun and provides an even smoother shooting plane.


primary arms

When I go to West Texas and chase hogs through thick mesquite brush, I need something that will hold up to the punishment. If I'm worrying about something coming loose or shifting, I'm worrying about the wrong things.

The Primary Arms GLx 30mm Cantilever mounts are made from 6061-16 aluminum alloy with mil-spec hard coat anodizing. There are solid steel, half-inch Tactical Thumbscrews that help the mount clamp to the top rail, plus integral recoil lugs that seem as though they can take the kick of a mule, let alone an AR. There's little doubt they'll hold up.

I could place the gun and mounted optics in the back of our Polaris Ranger, even with a few bags of feed on top of them, and they still held things together securely. Though I didn't connect on a hog, I still got in a little trigger time and feel extra confident using this Primary Arms optic combination.

Overall, I was really impressed by the GLx 30mm Cantilever mounts. It makes for a durable, lightweight package and I view it as a nice upgrade to my hog hunting setup. Seeing it hold up under these conditions makes me believe it'k fare well in even tougher ones.




The Primary Arms GLx 30mm Cantilever Mount Takes on the West Texas Test