The Porta-Bote Folding Boat is Real and Works Just Fine, Thank You

By now, you must have seen the Porta-Bote... but if not, here's how well it works.

After viewing the following video, you'll realize that these newest model folding boats are quick and easy to use.

There's a lot to be said for a boat that can be carried on the top of car like a paddle board, canoe, or even a surf board, but are they safe and practical?

More info below, but first the video:

In production for some 40 years and counting, the Porta-Bote is still alive and kicking. This newest version is the 'Alpha Series' and looks as good as the original.

People in countries around the world own and enjoy these marvelous creations, and the reviews are great. I even have a friend who not only sold these on the side for a time, but used one himself.

Possibly the biggest issue I found was this: They are so tight-lipped about the price! It's like getting a package with the hardcore blister wrap; why the big fight?

As of a few years ago North Shore RV Park said they start at around $2,295 and go up to about $2,795 depending on the size of the boat. That could easily have changed by now, but how about just list the price on your website Porta-Bote?

My thinking is this: you may discourage the same amount of people away from your product by not having it on there as you would by the price itself, and since the word comes from you, folks will know exactly how much you want for this great item.

Bottom line: If used properly on smaller waters this genuine little dinghy should give you years of good use.