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7 Overlooked Values in Small-Game Hunting

Small-game hunting is sometimes underappreciated, but here are seven reasons why it shouldn't be:

It's cheaper.

Small-game licenses in most states usually give you more bang for your buck in that they cost less and give you more days to hunt. Plus, you usually don't need as much gear as you would for big game.

Limits are higher.

In many states, you may only get one or two big-game tags, whereas small-game animals have daily bag limits. This also means you can spend more time in the field, harvest more animals and get more food.

It builds important skills.

I definitely was that person who spent too much time on dove hunts watching birds fly by trying to decide if they were doves or not. I can personally attest to the value of being able to identify a target, shoot and reload quickly. All types of small game teach just that, as timely accuracy is crucial to success in these hunts.

It's a group activity.

With small-game animals, there are usually chances for everyone to get a shot and they're usually hunted more effectively with a group. This allows for great memories with friends and families.

It teaches the importance of safety.

Safety is always the number one priority in any type of hunting. Small-game hunting perfectly illustrates basics from hunter safety classes, such as how to carry a firearm, using designated shooting zones and more.

It's super fun.

Now, I'm not saying other types of hunting aren't just as fun, but there's just something about the fast-paced nature and frequent shooting involved in small-game hunting. This also makes it perfect for introducing new hunters to the sport.

It's easier.

While it's unfair to say small-game hunting is easier than big-game hunting, the tactics involved are typically easier in terms of energy expenditure. This means there's usually less walking, more waiting and lighter packs to deal with. This also makes it accessible for younger or older hunters or those who are injured or disabled.

If you're an avid small-game hunter, tell us why you love it!



7 Overlooked Values in Small-Game Hunting