The OTS LT, ATN's Thermal Monocular, Boasts Next Gen Power

The next generation of thermal sensors is here, and making the ATN OTS LT a must-have tool in your modern day toolbox.

The ATN OTS LT is breaking ground as the capabilities of thermal optics continue to surpass the typical expectations. This handheld monocular makes hunt scouting, game retrieval, search and rescue, property protection, and surveillance duties better by leaps and bounds.

It's light, simple to use, and doesn't require emptying a bank account like other thermal optics often do.

Just like ATN's other thermal optics, including rifle scopes and binoculars, the OTS LT is powered by Obsidian LT Core. Users have the choice between two sensors (160x120 and 320x240) and various magnification power levels (depending on the sensor). The mag power ranges from 2-4x up to 6-12x.

The OTS LT's unique dual-option White Hot and Black Hot modes give the user two variations to use, depending on their preferences and conditions.

ATN made sure to go above and beyond technological abilities. They also focused on making it a comfortable, ergonomic device. The push-button controls are easily located and manipulated in light or dark conditions, and the compact size and weight make it simple to transport, carry, and use. In fact, the entire unit weighs only 1.2 pounds.

Battery life, as is often a concern with high-tech gadgets like thermal optics, reaches an impressive 10+ hours. The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable with a typical USB cord, which is included in the OTS LT package.

Hunters, survivalists, and emergency personnel will be more than pleased with the 475-yard detection range, 240-yard recognition distance, and 160-yard identification field.

Any way you look at it, the ATN OTS LT has made its claim as the number one new tool you should add to your arsenal. Technology and its capabilities in the outdoors waits for no one, so if you want the best available, literally at your fingertips, this is how it's done.

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