fishing tee

The Only Fishing Shirt That Measures Your Catch

How could anyone doubt the size when you're ready to measure it with your arm?

All jokes aside, this shirt is pretty nifty. Not only is it a comfortable and lightweight shirt that keeps the moisture at bay, it's also a measuring tool. You can measure your catch in a matter of seconds with this Fishing Ruler T-Shirt and it's only $24.95.

Fishing Ruler | Long Sleeve Wicking Fisherman Shirt w/ Ruler on Forearm T-shirt
fishing tee

This standard tee is great for anyone who loves fishing. Get one for yourself and up your fishing game or gift it to a buddy who enjoys a good catch. This shirt is designed for comfort and efficiency and is made with only the best products. They use QCM screen printing inks to ensure that the design looks brand new no matter how many times you fall in the lake (or wash the shirt).

They have managed to turn a top quality fishing shirt into a top quality fishing tool. Need I say more? Get this tee and make your next fishing trip more efficient.