The New TacSol X-Ring Takedown Shoots Straight, Looks Great

If you like a classic camo stock on your takedown, you're going to be impressed by the new Tactical Solutions X-Ring.

With so many high-powered, far-reaching, ballistics-shattering new guns being pushed out, there's barely room for something as small and inconspicuous as a .22 rifle. How would a gun like that catch any attention?

Tactical Solutions has a pretty good response to that question with their new X-Ring Takedown Rifle. It's a bit of a mash up, incorporating a Magpul Backpacker stock, a Ruger BX trigger, and a suppressor-ready threaded barrel. It's short, lightweight, and seemingly ready to take a beating.

But here's the best part: They've covered the stock in Mossy Oak's Bottomland camo pattern, the classic, founding print that's making a comeback as of late. That's primarily thanks to its retro look and lasting effectiveness; it was the overwhelming favorite of all the Mossy Oak guys who were on the turkey hunting trip I was invited on earlier this month.

When I wasn't chasing Merriam's turkeys, I got to change it up and use the brand new version of the X-Ring Takedown during a prairie dog hunt in rural Wyoming, a first for me. Accompanied by Mossy Oak's PR Manager Jake Meyer and a couple guides who work with Trophy Ridge Outfitters, we sighted it in prior to a trip to a huge plot of BLM land littered with dogs. It didn't take long to see the X-Ring do its thing.

Though there were other rifles available for us to use on the prairie dogs, it was the X-Ring that really left an impression on me. Even on longer shots, the X-Ring held its own. It did quick work of the targets, proving itself as a worthy backpacking rifle, a decent plinker, and an especially ideal bug out gun.

What really made the gun stand out for me was its quick adaptability. The intuitive mag release, though I'd never used one like it, was simple to get the hang of. The gun's weight, kept low with a 16.5" barrel, rings in at 3.5 pounds. It was easy to handle and maneuver, and even easier to reload once I realized prairie dog hunting requires a lot, and I mean a lot of ammo.

And really, I couldn't stop thinking about how dang good it looked. Bottomland has such a good combo of function and aesthetic appeal.

The X-Ring Takedown comes with a price tag that initially raised my eyebrows, but after thinking about the quality parts that Tactical Solutions has already added in, a $1,205 MSRP isn't outrageous at all. The trigger, stock, and rail alone prove their value, and the rifle as a whole makes it a great pick for what could honestly be the last .22 you'd need.