Never Have I Ever
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The "Never Have I Ever Game," Hunting Edition

Here is a game to play with your buddies in hunting camp this season.

Have you ever played "Never Have I Ever?" This drinking game has its roots on college campuses across the U.S. The rules are simple: Everyone takes turns making a statement and the others take a drink if they HAVE done that thing.

Some of the more common ones are "Never have I ever cheated on my significant other," or "Never have I ever failed a course and had to retake it." Stuff like that.

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we came up with our own version. This is the "Never Have I Ever" Game, Hunting Edition. This would be a fun one to play with your buddies at deer camp this year.

Let the game begin!

Never have I ever slept in on opening morning.

We all know that one hunting buddy who has done it...

Never have I ever gagged while gutting a deer.

Hopefully you do not have buddies who laugh and take video like the guy above.

Never have I ever gone to shoot, only to realize I forgot to load the gun.

There is no worse feeling than squeezing the trigger, only to hear a harmless "click."

Never have I ever headed in early because I got cold.

Because you're a tough hunter who isn't phased by the weather. Right?

Never have I ever gone through a whole box of shells without bagging a bird.

All those spent shells at your feet say otherwise...

Never have I ever spent rent/mortgage money on new hunting gear.

Just don't check my bank statement...

Never have I ever called into work to go hunting instead.

We've never done it, we swear!

Never have I ever missed and then lied completely about even shooting.

Nope, that shot you heard this morning wasn't me!

Never have I ever lied about the size of an animal I shot.

Sure, it still has spots and milk on its lips, but it weighed 200 pounds field dressed. I swear!

Never have I ever forgotten a birthday/anniversary because of hunting.

Your birthday was WHEN?!?

Never have I ever fallen asleep in the blind or stand.

Yep, always vigilant and alert. That's me!

Never have I waited until the day before the opener to sight in my gun or bow.

Just based on what I hear before the firearm opener in my area alone, MANY hunters will be taking a drink here!

Never have I ever gotten "scope eye" while hunting.

You can't really hide this one from your buddies!

Never have I ever been frightened of a strange noise in the woods while waiting for first light.

Why did I watch that "Killer Clown" movie marathon yesterday? Why?!?

Never have I ever gotten lost in the woods walking to or from my stand in the dark.

Yep, know these woods like the back of my hand, even at night!

Never have I ever messed up a butchering job.

How To Butcher A Deer

Why is everything from my deer ground? Because that's just the way I like it! Ok?

Never have I ever become distracted by my phone while hunting.

I swear, that big gobbler snuck up on me without making a sound! (Quietly closes a Facebook quiz.)

Never have I ever messed with a buddy's trail camera.

Oh, c'mon, sometimes it's just too tempting. Especially if you or someone you know has photoshop skills or a bigfoot costume.

So, how did you do on this? Be honest. Have you only done a few of these or are you passed out on the floor from drinking on all of them? If you're still good, you likely know a friend who must answer yes to many, or possibly all of these!

These are just the ones we thought up. Can you think of anymore fun ones? We know one thing, deer camp should be a lot of fun this season!

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