Missouri whitetail rut

The Missouri Whitetail Rut is, Apparently, Still Going On

Either the Missouri Whitetail Rut is still happening, or these bucks missed the memo. 

It's nearly mid February and bucks are still going at it. So the question is, "Is the Missouri Whitetail Rut still happening, or did these bucks just not see eye-to-eye?"

According to the Keefer Brothers Facebook page, these bucks were later set free by cutting the antlers. It's safe to say that at least one if not both would have died due to pure exhaustion and harsh weather if they had stayed intertwined.

The video, however, was not taken by the Keefer Brothers because there is, however, scrutiny as to why the party recording them on video ran them with the truck instead of using a calm approach.

As aforementioned, the bucks were caught up with and released.

It is interesting to note, that the antlers of these bucks were still pretty solid on their skulls even though several bucks are shedding antlers now.

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