Kalashnikov PPK-20
YouTube: Kalashnikov Group

The Interesting New Kalashnikov PPK-20 Submachine Gun in 9mm

The Kalashnikov PPK-20 looks pretty sweet.

Ever since Mikhail Kalashnikov developed the iconic AK-47 rifle, the Kalashnikov name has been synonymous with innovative firearms designs. Today, the Russian firearms maker Kalashnikov Group continues that legacy and continues to introduce new weapons every year.

Among their more recent introductions is the new Kalashnikov PPK-20 submachine gun. Chambered in 9mm Luger, this SMG is an intriguing new addition to the company's long list of legendary small arms.

Learn more about this unique new SMG in the video below.


Understandably, the news of this new model has many AK fans drooling. Like many Kalashnikovs, it appears to have excellent ergonomics thanks to the pistol grip and simple forend. This new weapon features a folding stock and multiple picatinny rails for accessories.

The only problem is, you likely will not be able to get the new PPK-20 in the United States even though the video description and official press release states this firearm has been deemed fit for mass production. It's not quite clear what is meant by that, it may be a translation issue. Getting authentic firearms from Russia can be difficult at best here. That is a whole other rabbit hole we'll save for another time. Your best bet at getting the closest equivalent is to consider the semi-auto Kalashnikov USA KP-9.

Based on the Vityaz-SN submachine gun, the KP-9 is probably the closest most of us will get to owning a real Russian machine gun. The KP-9 is SBR ready and takes 30-round magazines. It also has a threaded flash muzzle device. They are not cheap. I did a quick search of the web and found they start at around a grand, but this type of firearm would be ideal for home defense purposes or just a Kalashnikov enthusiast wanting something that is going to be cheaper to shoot at the range than a standard AK.