The Health Benefits of Pumpkin in Your Pet's Diet

Pumpkin is packed with nutrients and can help clear up your pet's GI tract.

Dogs and cats can benefit from added fruits and vegetables in their diet. Canned pumpkin is a superfood and has amazing health benefits; you should always keep a can in your cupboard to add to the dog food or cat food. It can be fed daily as a healthy snack or in a small amount whenever your pet's tummy is upset.

The perfect combination of soluble fiber content and water helps move things along in a constipated pet with an upset stomach while also slowing things down for those suffering from diarrhea. Along with a bland diet like adding white rice, a dog with the runs will benefit from added pumpkin. Pumpkin can also help pass furballs clogging up a cat's digestive tract.

cat pumpkin

In addition to fiber, plain pumpkin is chock full of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A and C, beta-carotene (and other antioxidants), zinc, and more. Eye, skin, and fur health can also be improved by adding just a little fresh pumpkin a day to your pet's food. Urinary complications can be improved, too. The added fiber in your dog's diet will also promote weight loss if your furry friends need to lose some pounds.

Organic canned pumpkin (no added sugar), pureed pumpkin, pumpkin seeds (high in omega 3 fatty acids), and even raw pumpkin flesh is okay to add to pet food. Cooked pumpkin is okay as well, as long as there are no spices added. Don't feed any pie filling or pumpkin pie due to the fat, sugar, and other ingredients.


Whether canned or boiled, pumpkin can help your pets stay healthy and squeaky clean. For other food remedies that promote digestive health, be sure to check out 5 Home Remedies for Pets That You Can Find in Your Kitchen Cupboards.

Do you give pumpkin to your pet? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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