grabba chair

The GrabbA Chair Should be on Your Summer Wish List

You can literally chill out anywhere! 

This air lounger has completely changed my outdoor life. When I head out to the Greenbelt, I like to take my GrabbA Chair so I can, well, grab a chair, set it up right by the water, and have the ultimate chill experience. This lounger is a must-have for all campers and lovers of the outdoors and it's only $29.90. Emphasis on the only!

Air lounger by GrabbA chair
grabba chair

This chair is designed completely for convenience. It's super easy to pack and carry around with you, and it only takes a minute to either set up or pack back up! The different colors allow you to pick the chair that matches your personality and it even comes with a bottle opener. Yes, you read that right, a bottle opener.

This chair is made for all conditions so you can enjoy the weather from any season, all the time. There's even a safety loop so your chair stays in once place.

The lightness of this chair is a plus, but it's the compactness that makes this chair what it is. Don't go another minute without experiencing something as awesome as this thing. I guarantee on your next camping trip, you're going to be mad when you have to get up from your uncomfortable chair to crack open a cold one. See what I'm saying here?

Don't wait, you can be chillin' on air in no time.