The Fishbrain App Proudly Announces User Video Feature

The folks at Fishbrain introduce a user friendly video feature to share their latest catch (and maybe show off a little!)

Fishbrain, the first user friendly fishing app, will now provide video sharing, allowing anglers everywhere to post personal videos to share with their friends and followers.

Fishbrain CEO Johan Attby described the new feature to me via e-mail:

A picture is worth a thousand words, but videos are worth far more. Our users are eager to show off their entire fishing experience, not just the catch at the end, and we're excited to make this feature available to them. Thousands of anglers share their fishing videos on Facebook and YouTube, and now that they can share videos within a social community devoted specifically to fishing, we know it will spur along conversation as well as a competitive spirit within the Fishbrain community.

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The videos will also allow anglers to tag each video to the location where the fish was caught, and also in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, allow citizens to help track endangered fish species.

Another great new feature provided in the app update is that of 'Fishbrain Counties' The Fishbrain app will now allow users in the U.S. to see who is fishing, and what they are catching near where you fish.

Included in the Counties feature is the ability to chat with fellow anglers in your area.

The Fishbrain app now has over three million users worldwide. The Stockholm, Sweden based company is truly a force worldwide with some 249 countries available to use the app, and almost two million catches logged to date.

Fishbrain can easily be downloaded at the App Store or the Google Play Store.

We've been waiting for someone to tell us where they were fishing and what they were using for years. Now you're just a click away!

Photos provided by Fishbrain