The Duck Camp Gift Guide for the Sportsman

Take a look at the cool new stuff from Duck Camp.

We took an instant liking to Duck Camp, the Texas-based waterfowl brand, and the sweet gear they've come out with since hitting the market. Lucky for you there's still time to see what they've got during the holiday shopping season.

We've really come to like Duck Camp's hunting shirts, and are pretty sure most of you will, too. Their duck hunting apparel and gear stands above just about anything we've worn before. Each is made with top-shelf quality, and they seem to have the appropriate hunting apparel for any and all bird hunting conditions.

That's not all they've got, but seeing as it's the gift-giving season, here's a rundown of a few of our favorites.

Early-Season Duck Hunting

We found the Early Season Wetland™ Midweight Wingshooter shirt is the perfect shirt for those first waterfowl hunts of the year. You'll like Duck Camp's original camouflage design, which flawlessly blends into a marsh setting.

The shirt's designed to keep you comfortable between 45-75 degrees, which we'd say is pretty accurate. It'll keep you warm when the temperatures drop a little, but you can also layer up or down without a problem.

Late-Season Duck Hunting

It's smart to round out your collection with a shirt for the late season when it gets colder. The Heavyweight Late Season Wetland Wingshooter™ has a similar camo pattern, minus some of the green to adjust for the dying vegetation (Smart, right?). This one's much warmer, designed for 25-50 degrees. Hunters will appreciate the warmth of a heavyweight shirt on a brisk morning.

While this shirt is significantly warm, shooters will love how light it feels and how easily they can move around in it.

Upland Hunting

Upland hunting requires a ton of walking, but often some pretty cold weather. The key is to find a happy medium in your clothing. You ideally want to wear something where you aren't shivering while you walk or sweating through your shirt.

For that reason, the Midweight Upland Wingshooter™ might be the most versatile upland hunting shirt on the market. Pheasant and grouse hunters will love the way this nylon shirt feels, too, as it's easy to move around in and dries faster than any cotton shirt.

Gun Sleeve

This is a really nice gun sleeve, and just happens to be the same one that comes with the grand prize of their giveaway. It features a simple-yet-rustic look, which we are always appreciative of.

This heavy-duty waxed cotton canvas will protect your shotgun from point A to point B, with the ability to hold a 28-inch shotgun with an extended choke tube.

Base Layers

If you want to truly stay warm, layering with the proper base will make a world of difference. The Merino Wool base layers from Duck Camp are really popular right now, and for good reason. Made from 100-percent Merino wool, these allow you to wear less clothing to stay warm, and have natural odor control with great breathability. Hunters will love the thumbholes, too, as they eliminate the classic annoyance of an undershirt riding up.

If seeing a few of their products has peaked your interest, we highly suggest following Duck Camp on Facebook and Instagram. The brand stands poised to make an even bigger splash, and this is your chance to say you were in on them before they blew up.